Thousand Miles and Beyond

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Lao Tzu

What better way to describe our ultimate goal here at Team Eco Titans? When you’re set to register miles at an event that assesses how far you go, Lao Tzu’s words are gold. We are Team Eco Titans, the official Supermileage Team of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

You must have heard about racing teams, off road teams, you must be wondering, what is Supermileage? A supermileage vehicle is the one that runs as far as possible on one litre of fuel. We chose supermileage over racing or Off-Road because we believe in and I quote:

Thrill is an Option, but the future is not.

However mundane or prosaic it may sound, fuel depletion is the biggest crisis the world is facing. The world would not care if we have Facebook or Instagram a decade down the lane, but we would definitely raise our brow if the world would simply drain out of all fossil fuels buried deep beneath our feet. Then definitely, the ground beneath us would be shaky, so why not save what we have when time still remains in our hands? Tell you what, if you are reading this post and seriously care about how our future might look, take the sands of time in your hand and be the change you wish to see. Help us perpetuate our ideas to the masses.

Our team was started by driven and passionate budding engineers of VIT back in 2009, who had a vision to compete at the global scale, to carry their ideology about fuel crisis forward. It was their vision that kept Team Eco Titans intact and we have now completed a decade this year. These past 10 years have been fiiled with hardships, we’ve been broken, we’ve laboured our way to the stage we are in.

The current results of Shell Eco Marathon Asia, 2018, stands as follows:
1st in India – Prototype Category – IC Engine
3rd in India – Overall
18th in Asia – Prototype Category

This is just a tiny glimpse of the countless amount of hours put into the ideation, construction and manufacturing of our Prototype vehicle. The sweat of all our team members shines among those three lines that will define the legacy that we leave behind, but that’s not all. The ideation never dies, we constantly innovate to achieve higher and better. If we have 250 Miles Per Gallon to our name, that’s not where we stop, this is where we start. That’s what we have always believed in; To aim for more today so that we burn less tomorrow. This is our gift to the future, this our gift to our progeny because, Thrill is an option, but the future is not!

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